Bumali: Happiness in a wheelchair

Bumali Kirunda, 7 years old, shares the fate of many Ugandan chil­dren: he is an AIDS orphan. Both parents died shortly after each other, leaving behind Bumali, who was just 2 years old at the time. His 83-year-old grand­mother took her grandson in, but because of her old age she was unable to care for him prop­erly. When the little boy also showed serious symp­toms of illness, his grand­mother sought help from HOREMI. Bumali’s disease turned out to be an unfor­tu­nately severe form of leprosy.

His life could be saved, but he has been suffering from severe and incur­able conse­quences of the leprosy infec­tion ever since. Due to atro­phied muscles and paral­ysis, Bumali cannot walk inde­pen­dently. Like a baby, he there­fore had to be carried through life on the backs of helpers for several years.

First, still some­what restrained test drive with the new wheel­chair.

It was only through inter­na­tional dona­tions that HOREMI was able to procure a used wheel­chair for Bumali. With his wheel­chair, the seven-year-old can now at least partic­i­pate a little in the everyday life of his friends at HOREMI.

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