Desaster relief from good friends

When a storm damages the build­ings at HOREMI in February 2023, it’s hard to decide how to move forward. There are no finan­cial reserves for disas­ters like this. A story in 8 pictures …

“Repair or eat? Unplanned expenses like those caused by this storm put us in great distress.”

Kenneth Kabweru

8th February 2023. Rainy season. Heavy rains and storms devas­tate the region. HOREMI’s main house is also damaged and the latrine is destroyed.

HOREMI makes an appeal for dona­tions to its closest circle of friends. Within a week, at least the main house is repaired.

The latrine, however, has to be completely rebuilt. Costs: around 800 dollars. The friends transfer more money.

Work on the new latrine starts in mid-March. A pit is dug, bricks, cement, iron grids, sand etc. are bought.

In April, the money runs out. School fees and food take prece­dence. But HOREMI does not want to ask for dona­tions again, the work is inter­rupted.

It is not until August 2023 that the Circle of Friends learns that the latrine was never finished because about 200 dollars are missing. As soon as the money is trans­ferred, the construc­tion continues. 

Finally, a loyal HOREMI friend raises the last dollars for the plas­tering …

… and two days later the construc­tion is completed — finally!

Please help now so that HOREMI can ensure the basic care of their protégés. Your dona­tion helps, thank you!

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