Kenneth, the treasurer of HOREMI

I am Kenneth Ivan Kabweru, trea­surer and manager of HOREMI. And this is my story …

I was born on March 26, 1994, the son of a carpenter and a teacher. In 2010, my father and my sister died in an acci­dent that left my mother seri­ously injured. To get money for her treat­ment, she sold every­thing we had, even our house. However, she too died when I was in the third grade. My uncle took me in and I lived with him until 2012. Since he could not afford my school fees, I stayed at home, did manual work and when­ever possible l went to play soccer — my great talent. One day, although not a student at the local school I was allowed to partic­i­pate in their prepa­ra­tion game for the district cham­pi­onships. The coach of the school team became aware of my perfor­mance — and recruited me to his team. Through this and despite having missed a year, I got the chance to attend high school there. Then, in 2012, Town Side High School accepted me onto their team, where I even­tu­ally completed fifth grade.

A fateful encounter

At that time, I met Derrick, the son of Naume Naigaga, at a tour­na­ment. He had known my mother and invited me to his home. That’s how I met Naume. In 2012, when I was 18, she adopted me and financed my attending the sixth grade of high school, where I soon became one of the best students in the district. But as a single mother, Naume couldn’t really afford the tuition. So I was working odd jobs and got the money for it myself. In 2015 I earned a certifi­cate in infor­ma­tion tech­nology and began studying busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion. In 2018 I had the bach­e­lor’s degree in “Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion” with a focus on accounting in my pocket.

Today, I work at Zion Elec­tronics, a nearby company, as a sales manager. I am married to Stella Nambi and in 2022 we had a son, Jericho Travis. However, my goal is and always will be to help other young people — as I have been helped. That’s why I will keep supporting Naume in building HOREMI up to be not only a safe place for chil­dren in need but also a place that enables them to get the educa­tion they need to lead better and inde­pen­dent lives.

Kenneth and his son Jericho Travis.

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