The school is finished!

The new year starts with a great surprise for our newly founded e.V.

The new year starts with a great surprise for our newly founded e.V.: Almost 10,000 euros in dona­tions have been collected within a few weeks! A huge thank you from the chil­dren of HOREMI and from us!!! to all donors!

Naume and Kenneth, the people in charge of HOREMI, can hardly believe their luck when they hear about the enor­mous sum. However, in Ugandan prag­matic fashion, they quickly got their act together and imme­di­ately rolled up their sleeves for the big school project: every euro donated to the school is imme­di­ately invested in building mate­rials and manpower.

The new school building is growing out of the ground in no time at all. Thanks to the unex­pect­edly avail­able funds, this is going much faster than planned and so the first lessons can prob­ably be held at the end of January! This is certainly still provi­sional — while the floor is still being laid in one class­room, the little ones next door are learning their first English words — but the most impor­tant point is that things are getting underway: The school building is finished!

In this blog post about the school project, you can see for your­self how German dona­tions are directly creating prospects for Ugandan chil­dren. The first and biggest step has been taken with the construc­tion of the school. However, further funds are needed for equip­ment, teaching mate­rials and, last but not least, teachers’ salaries.

Seven new sponsorships

Another impor­tant project has also made great progress in recent months: seven more chil­dren are delighted to have found a sponsor who will support them with a monthly dona­tion — and thus support the entire HOREMI commu­nity. Spon­sor­ships (40 EUR/month) are the finan­cial back­bone of HOREMI, so new spon­sors are very welcome.

Christmas in Uganda

Around 80 percent of the Ugandan popu­la­tion are Chris­tians, so Christmas is an impor­tant festival. With the support of the Friends of HOREMI, Naume, Kenneth and the chil­dren were able to cele­brate Christmas with a more substan­tial lunch and small gifts.


A long-cher­ished wish is also coming true for three of our asso­ci­a­tion members: we are trav­eling to Uganda in March to visit Naume, Kenneth and the current 28 HOREMI kids. We have a lot of ques­tions and ideas in our luggage as well as some urgently needed items that are diffi­cult or very expen­sive to obtain locally (medi­cines, computer hard­ware, cell phones, …). So if you still have the penul­ti­mate iPhone, a discarded tablet or a note­book that is no longer quite as fast in the back of a drawer — please let us know! We are also happy to answer any ques­tions, requests and comments about HOREMI or member­ship of our small asso­ci­a­tion.

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